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About Move Origin

What we really do is to provide a fun, effective, extraordinary treatment for people by using modalities including active release, dry needling, IASTM, sports massage therapy and exercise prescription.

We believe that almost all pain can be treated or managed if the practitioner willing to listen, encourage, educate and work alongside people to help enhance their clarity and body awareness.

The real reason we do what we do at Move Origin is because we want to create more smiles every single day with more than just a touch.

Why choose Move Origin?

Move Origin is here for you when you need help with healing from an injury or managing chronic pain caused by work-related stress, car accidents, sports injuries or another cause. Our practitioners will work with you to develop a customized plan of care that includes both traditional and alternative therapies.

Have you been feeling the tension building up inside your body?

When it comes to your pain or injury, do you know what the root of the problem is? If not then at Move Origin we'll help restore your RANGE of motion as well as achieve STABILITY. We also help you build strength so that everything moves smoothly again!

Our Services


A holistic treatment using the power of touch to restore balance, relieve tension and pain.

Sports Massage Therapy

Frequent sports massage sessions can correct the imbalances in soft tissues caused by excessive physical activity.

Dry Needling Therapy

Relieving tightness and pain in muscles by inserting a needle to release tension in the surrounding muscle.


This can help alleviate symptoms associated with limited or painful motion, motor control issues.

Trigger Point

Trigger point therapy is a commonly used technique in manual therapy to alleviate pains caused by knotted muscles.

Active Release

This can be a fast and effective way to increase the flexibility of your muscles and the mobility of your joints.

Our Approach

We have a holistic approach to getting you back on your feet. At Move Origin, our goal is for each patient's treatment plan not only includes restoring range-of motion and stability but also building strength so they can be as active with their new lifestyle!

Our Mission & Vision

The real reason we do what we do at Move Origin is that we want to create more smiles every single day with more than just a touch.

  • Mission

    To provide a fun, effective, extraordinary touch to the Australian

  • Vision

    To help people move freely, recover quickly and think clearly

  • Values

    To endorse the importance of the body and movement through connection, fulfillment, and result driven treatment

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What Our Customers Have to Say

mel anderson
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Highly recommend seeing DC! I train as a powerlifter so I’m constantly lifting heavy weights and putting high pressure on my body. I end up with pretty tight and sore muscles and DC is the best service for helping my recovery. He’s also great at doing tests and seeing weaknesses in the body and how to help improve these.
Alexandra Bonner
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I can always count on DC to help with my recovery from injuries. He goes above and beyond to make sure I’m pain free.
Stacey Anderson
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DC is very professional, tailors his approach to what I need each session, based on what he feels the condition of my muscles are in on the day. He’s always interested in working out how to help me live my best life without pain each day.
Ben Maximos
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DC is very methodical with his approach. Always provides explanation of what he’s doing and why. Provides useful advice about how to prevent further issues and what’s causing them. Very friendly and professional, strongly recommend him.

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