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Our Approach

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Step 1 - Assessment​

This will be one of the most important processes of the treatment. In each of the assessments, procedures will vary depending on the issues presented by the individual.

Once an assessment has been completed, the therapist will explain the findings and answer any questions that may arise. The assessment enables the therapist to gain clarity and develop a specific treatment plan.

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Step 2 - Combine-Modality

There are a lot of modalities out there that are useful and backed up by researches to be highly effective. Due to limited session times with each client, Move Origin aims to implement the most suitable modalities that best cater to each individual. On a day-to-day basis, we incorporate dry needling therapy, IASTM therapy, trigger point therapy, and active release technique. We have found that the incorporation of these techniques has resulted in the best outcomes in terms of treating soft tissue dysfunctions.

Below is a brief description of what they are:

Dry Needling Therapy: Dry needling is designed to relieve tightness and pain in muscles. By inserting a needle directly into a knot or pressure point will release tension in the surrounding muscle. The primary aim is to relieve muscle pain and cramping, but it also helps to improve a person’s flexibility and recovery.

Deep tissue/Remedial massage:Massage therapy is a holistic treatment using the power of touch to restore balance relieve tension and pain while promoting relaxation.

​ • IASTM Therapy: The Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization has been made of different materials, but a popular one is the Graston Technique. It can help alleviate symptoms associated with limited or painful motion, motor control issues. They are one of the most if not the most effective way of targeting tight and congest fascia.

​ • Trigger Point Therapy: Trigger point therapy is a commonly used technique in manual therapy to alleviate pains caused by knotted muscles. The trigger point is identified by careful palpation of the muscle from its origin to its insertion.

• ​Active Release Technique: Active Release Technique can be a fast and effective way to increase the flexibility of your muscles and the mobility of your joints. Using Active Release provides us with a way to systematically free up your muscles so they can stretch and perform.

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Step 3 - Exercise prescription​

This is usually the real missing piece of the puzzle. Our bodies are very complex and to correct soft tissue dysfunctions, we consider how the human body functioning drives on the interrelations of many different elements.

At Move Origin we aim to resolve muscle tightness on presented problem areas and restore movement, but more importantly, we are here to seek the root cause of the issue through examinations of surrounding areas. For example, when a client experiences continuous lower back tightness the short-term approach is to release tightness in that particular area, however, our long-term approach adequately aims to tackle the root cause which is centered around the stability of the core and strengthening any related necessary muscles.

This is where corrective exercises serve a very important role in supporting daily movement patterns and restore movement to ensure that tightness does not reoccur or give you ongoing troubles.

Have you been feeling the tension building up inside your body?

When it comes to your pain or injury, do you know what the root of the problem is? If not then at Move Origin we'll help restore your RANGE of motion as well as achieve STABILITY. We also help you build strength so that everything moves smoothly again!

Why choose Move Origin?

Move Origin is here for you when you need help with healing from an injury, restore movement or managing chronic pain caused by work-related stress, car accidents, sports injuries or another cause. Our practitioners will work with you to develop a customized plan of care that includes both traditional and alternative therapies.

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