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IASTM Therapy

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What Is IASTM Therapy?

The Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization has been made of different materials, but a popular one is the Graston Technique. It can help alleviate symptoms associated with limited or painful motion motor control issues. They are one of the most, if not the most, effective way of targetting tight and congest fascia.

Soft-tissue injuries are often delayed in patients. A doctor is not usually seen for weeks or months after the injury occurs. The self-healing process has already been completed by this time. Adhesions and scar tissue have developed, which might cause discomfort and restricted motion. These can be like superglue to the body. New cells form in a disorganized manner when scar tissue develops.

How Does IASTM Therapy Work?

The IASTM is a technique that employs controlled microtrauma to create a local inflammatory response in the soft tissue region. When you don’t allow the muscles to relax and lengthen properly, this can delay healing. The physical therapist will frequently have to restart the healing process in order for the soft tissue to be remodelled in the afflicted region.

This causes excessive scar tissue to reabsorb and the remodelling of the soft tissue structure damaged as a result of it. The cells will become organized following this treatment, which will aid in the development of movement by better promoting tissue organization.

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Our Approach

We have a holistic approach to getting you back on your feet. At Move Origin, our goal is for each patient's treatment plan not only includes restoring range-of motion and stability but also building strength so they can be as active with their new lifestyle!

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