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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do.
All of our practitioners are registered with all of the health funds.

Yes, you can if you are covered under remedial massage and you have not maxed out your annual

If unsure whether you’re covered, we recommend you contact your health insurance provider.

Unfortunately not at this moment.

We educate, we encourage and most importantly we actually treat the root causes of musculoskeletal

Dry needling and acupuncture use the same type of needles.

Dry needling needles are used for muscle belly. Acupuncture is form of traditional medicine where needle goes through meridian points.

100%.  If you haven’t committed to a regular massage we you suggest try and get a consistent 60min treatment for about
four months your body will change tremendously

Not always, but sometimes it may. We focus on the result, so whatever we will help you get back on
your feet will be recommended. Unfortunately sometimes we need to go really deep to free up the congestion.

Not always, but sometimes you will. But do not feel afraid to move around the more you move and get blood flow circulated
the less tenderness you’ll feel afterwards.

We always recommend clients rehydrate with a glass of water after each session.

As a general guide, 3-4 session if pain is acute and 4-8 sessions for chronic pain – but this can vary a lot . We recommend you
listen to your therapist and follow their treatment plan, the you will likely achieve the results you’re after in the shortest timeframe.

Have you been feeling the tension building up inside your body?

When it comes to your pain or injury, do you know what the root of the problem is? If not then at Move Origin we'll help restore your RANGE of motion as well as achieve STABILITY. We also help you build strength so that everything moves smoothly again!

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