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Sports Massage Therapy

What is Sports Massage Therapy?

Our Sports massage therapy in Sydney is useful as part of an overall sporting regime to help prevent injury, improve movement and allow more performance.


Athletes always seek our help to assist them with prehab.


Sports massage treatment is for:

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Do you need Sports Massage Therapy?

If you are an athletic person then you need frequent sports massage sessions to correct the imbalances in soft tissues caused by excessive physical activity or trauma. If you are seeking a relieving sports massage in Bella Vista, then look no further! Tension, stress, overuse, and minor injuries could all be contributing to your discomfort, but the pain is the body’s way of protecting us from further damage.

Pain is personal. What might bother you may not affect someone with the same injury or structure damage. Sports massages are soft tissue massages to improve circulation, relax the muscles, and target specific problem areas.
Our sports massage techniques relieve soreness, stiffness, increase flexibility, and reduce your chances for future injury.

How can Move Origin help you?

At Move Origin, we dig deep into how pain is affecting you. We create a customized treatment plan that works with your body. So whether you want to get back to your favorite athletic activities, hope to prevent future injuries, or restore movement in your body, our massage specialists can help.

This will be less focused on the flow of massage but more focus on the result of a specific area for example hip flexors and calves for runners, opening up posture by releasing the front line of the body for those who sit a lot at work.

When you come in for your Bella Vista sports massage, our specialists use various modalities including active release, dry needling, iastm (scrapping), and exercise prescription to address your problem areas. Sports massage is an integral part of pain management. Our goal is to reduce your pain to help improve your quality of life.

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Our Approach

We have a holistic approach to getting you back on your feet. At Move Origin, our goal is for each patient's treatment plan not only includes restoring range-of motion and stability but also building strength so they can be as active with their new lifestyle!

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