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Sports Massage Bella Vista

Why Sports Massages are Important for Managing and Treating Pain

Are you looking at pain the right way? Tension, stress, overuse, and minor injuries could all be contributing to your discomfort, but pain is sometimes the body’s way of protecting us from further damage.
Pain is personal. What might bother you may not affect someone with the same injury or structure damage. Sports massages are soft tissue massages to improve circulation, relax the muscles, and target specific problem areas.
Our sports massage techniques relieve soreness, stiffness, increase flexibility, and reduce your chances for future injury.

Sports Massage in Bella Vista

At Move Origin, we dig deep into how pain is affecting you. We create a customized treatment plan that works with your body. So whether you want to get back to your favorite athletic activities, hope to prevent future injuries, or restore movement in your body, our massage specialists can help.

What Can Sports Massages Help With?

Pain Management – One of the most common reasons our clients come to us for a massage is to relieve and manage pain. Our therapists help relax painful muscles, tendons, and joints by stimulating the surrounding nerves. We’ll also improve circulation to allow nutrients and oxygen to reach struggling tissues and encourage healing and pain reduction. Our massage therapists work on specific muscles to release built-up tension that surrounds and attaches to the joints. The less strain you have, the more likely your pain will diminish.

Reestablish Movement – Do you find yourself sitting on the sidelines? Are you unable to partake in physical activities? Our massage therapists help reduce tension by encouraging relaxation and increasing the range of movement in your body. During a massage, blood flows to certain areas of the body to increase muscle temperature. The increased temperature gives the tissues more elasticity and flexibility, allowing your body to loosen and stretch.

Injury Prevention – Sports massage decreases the chances of injury by releasing chronic tension in the body. Monitoring your body is critical for injury prevention. We can observe how your body works during your massage and determine if specific muscles are simply tight or actually weak.
If you’re concerned about preventing an injury, our team will create a unique treatment plan designed especially for you.

What to Expect?

Like how a relaxing massage can improve your mood, mental health, and well-being, it can also help with chronic pain. When you come in for your Bella Vista sports massage, our specialists use various modalities including active release, dry needling, iastm (scrapping), and exercise prescription to address your problem areas.

Sports massage is an integral part of pain management. Our goal is to reduce your pain to help improve your quality of life.

Book a Sports Massage in Bella Vista
Get back to doing what you love. Sports massage isn’t intended just for people who work out or live a more active lifestyle. We use various techniques and adapt to the areas that are overused from strenuous activities/movements.
Our services are geared toward everyone. Pain management is possible. Contact us to book your appointment today to get started.

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